Lari La


STEP 1: 
Click tab at the top right conner as shown.

STEP 2: 
List of menu will pop up. Click ALL EVENTS

STEP 3: 
You will see list of events. Choose any event you preferred.

STEP 4: 
You may scroll down to see the details events and photos.

To register, just click button register i.e. individual or group. 

Choose your package i.e. full kits or medal kits (without t-shirt). Scroll down to see the details package.

STEP 6: 
You will see the button REGISTER NOW at each package. Click it to register.

STEP 7: 
Select your t-shirt size if you choose full kits. 
You can enlarge the photo to see the details by clicking the photo as shown.
Click add to basket.

STEP 8: 
Enter your coupon code as stated in event page or facebook.

STEP 9: 
Fill up your address and bib name as well as certificate name as shown.

STEP 10: 
Choose payment method. If you want to pay by credit card, select TOYYIBPAY. 
Tick agreement as shown and hit the pay button below it. 
It will bring you to the payment gateway details. 

STEP 11: 
You will receive an e-mail of summary your order and if payment successful, you will be notified by the payment provider by e-mail as well.
If you have any issue regarding your order please hit the WHATSAPP button at the right bottom of your phone.

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