Lari La

We highly recommend you to submit in summary per week or month or after complete the total distance. 

However you also may submit daily if you wish.

Find out more about the apps, records, treadmill & smart watch, click button below.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Social media sharing especially in FB group Team Lari La is highly recommended to inspire others.

Submit your activities

STEP 1: 
Click tab at the top right conner as shown.

STEP 2: 
List of menu will pop up. Click SUBMISSION

STEP 3: 
You will see list of events. Choose your registered event.

Wrong selection may end up your record will not be updated in the system.

STEP 4: 

You can see your submitted records in LEADERBOARD after 24 hours.

STEP 5: 
Form submission will appear as shown.

Read carefully the instruction before upload your records.

STEP 6: 
Fill up the form with your details and click SUBMIT.

You may get your bib no from registered email. You may upload up to 10 files per session.

If there is an error “undefined”, please clear your browser’s cache or history and close it. Open new browser. 

If it persist for more than 3 times, you may try at later time. 

STEP 7: 
This message will appear once your submission is success.

Lets run again…

Let see where you stand in the crowd

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